Hi, I’m Kerin

Hi, I’m Kerin Smollen, UX Designer, Author, Product Manager and Lover of Kale.

I started designing web pages back in 1999 because I realized that html was going to be a “thing”. I quickly ignored my family’s advice about going into something stable and went into a career where that my dad calls, “working on the computer.” I have been fortunate to work with some amazing companies and products, like ESPN and WellMatch and along the way have met so many talented and wonderful people that inspire me daily. And yes, 16 years later, my father cannot articulate what I do.

I’m born and raised in Connecticut.  I am a busy mom of one girl and wife to a turtle. When I am not working, I am experimenting in the kitchen, getting out to trail run and pretending to garden.

My design philosophy is to be collaborative, empathic and utilize design to solve business problems. I truly believe in measuring design, adapting elegantly to change and most importantly, building amazing products that people actually can and want to use regardless of screen and device. I called this site about screenless design because to me it’s not about focusing on mobile or desktop, but focusing on the journey of the user and ensuring that the product is exceeding the customer’s expectations regardless of screen.

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