Crafting a meaningful and unique mobile strategy

We started at WellMatch with a very small team of people. As our product grew and became more successful we quickly rolled our product to many more customers. Our initial research efforts were with Nordstrom, but within several years we had Johnson & Johnson, IBM, CSX, Home Depot and over 75 other companies.

We had a big challenge ahead of us, which was building an app.


We now had far more users and far more different company cultures utilizing WellMatch. To build the app features, I built a small scale 4 part plan to figure out why we were building the app and how we could bring the app to be meaningful in the space and ultimately how we could derive revenue from the app. I crafted a quantitative survey of our users on mobile to see what was lacking. To do this we noted that there were several features they would like to see on mobile that was possible in a native environment.


  • Tap to call
  • Turn by turn directions
  • Quick taps to trending searches.


Exceeded Download Goals


More Screens Consumed Per User

“Incredibly easy to use and very clean”

WellMatch User

Rating in App Store

Furthermore we started to bring out a meaningful content strategy to start to drive traffic to the app and give users a reason to come back to the app when they were not just pricing healthcare. We looked at research to help define what content was meaningful to people. We also looked at extending the capabilities of the app with strategic partnerships like Teledoc (on demand doctor on your phone), scheduling lab appointments with Quest diagnostics and one stop clicks to Aetna mobile for insurance cards that could be downloaded on certain devices (like iPhone 6 with passbook).


The result was the app in the first 6 months exceeded download goals by 300% and had greater engagement then the desktop app as measured by consumption of 9.6 screens per user versus 4 pages per user on desktop. We had higher overall NPS scores on the app and the app is rated 4.5 stars in the Apple app store.